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Love them or Loathe them….It's Christmas Party Time

One of my very favourite tasks in the last position I had before I became self-employed was organising the office Christmas party. It is quite fulfilling but at the same time daunting to be given a pot of your employer’s money to spend, knowing that everything depends on you and whether you have chosen a venue and entertainment that is to everyone’s tastes. Of course not everyone enjoys (or will admit to enjoying) socialising with their work colleagues, even at Christmas, but for everyone about to attend their office party in the next few weeks here are a few obvious but helpful tips to bear in mind to ensure a successful party!

Dress Code
Hopefully the organiser has advised everybody of the dress code but unless it is definitely fancy dress, smart/casual is a safe bet and make sure you stay away from revealing outfits.

Pace yourself
The drinks may be on your boss but don’t get carried away (or carried out) by letting your hair down a little too much. Have a soft drink in between rounds. Your head (and possibly your reputation) will thank you for it in the morning!

Keep your phone away!
It’s OK to take a few photos on your phone to make memories but DON’T Post, Text or Tweet when you are under the influence! It might seem a great idea at the time but even if you delete it in the morning, somebody may already have sent it out around the world or taken a screenshot. Please don’t risk it.

Kissing under the Mistletoe
If you wouldn’t kiss your colleague in the office, why would you do it at the Christmas party? If you must declare your undying love for a work mate, don’t do it in full view of the rest of your colleagues.  At best you will be the subject of the Monday morning gossip in the office; at worst there could be the potential for a claim of sexual harassment.  

Be nice - it's Christmas!
You can’t please everyone and this year’s party might not be quite to your taste but don’t be miserable and moan. Your employer has shown their gratitude to you for your hard work during the year by providing a lovely party for you; don’t forget to show your appreciation at the end of the evening and thank them before you leave.

Have Fun, Stay Professional, and Be Safe. 

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


The first day of Spring

Where is this year going? I swear every year goes by even quicker than the last. I must be getting old!

On the plus side, Spring always makes me want to have a good old tidy up and get organised again, not just around the home but in my office too.  What better time than now to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you get back on top of that pile of papers you've been meaning to tackle but keep putting off.  It might be the best decision you've made in a while.  

Is it time to Spring clean your files?

Let me know what is overwhelming you the most and I will find a solution to get you organised again.  If you want to go "green" and you are disappearing under a pile of papers, send them to me and I will scan them for you and send them back to you as a PDF file which you can then store safely to the Cloud or on a disk. No more need to have bulky folders or filing cabinets. 

Are you drowning under all the emails you receive? Let's discuss how I can help you organise your folders or even manage your email accounts for you. 

Let's get Spring cleaning together!