Jan Baber Virtual PA

Freelance Virtual Assistant providing professional and efficient admin and business support for small businesses, freelancers, consultants and individuals,

The first day of Spring

Where is this year going? I swear every year goes by even quicker than the last. I must be getting old!

On the plus side, Spring always makes me want to have a good old tidy up and get organised again, not just around the home but in my office too.  What better time than now to see how a Virtual Assistant can help you get back on top of that pile of papers you've been meaning to tackle but keep putting off.  It might be the best decision you've made in a while.  

Is it time to Spring clean your files?

Let me know what is overwhelming you the most and I will find a solution to get you organised again.  If you want to go "green" and you are disappearing under a pile of papers, send them to me and I will scan them for you and send them back to you as a PDF file which you can then store safely to the Cloud or on a disk. No more need to have bulky folders or filing cabinets. 

Are you drowning under all the emails you receive? Let's discuss how I can help you organise your folders or even manage your email accounts for you. 

Let's get Spring cleaning together!