Jan Baber Virtual PA

Freelance Virtual Assistant providing professional and efficient admin and business support for small businesses, freelancers, consultants and individuals,


  BY THE HOUR - from £25.  Time is tracked using a system called Toggl and is rounded up or down to the nearest 15 mins. A report can be supplied  on request. There is a minimum charge of one hour and thereafter work is charged at £6.25 in 15 minute increments.  An invoice will  be raised on completion of the work and payment is due
within 7 days of the date of the invoice.  

•  MONTHLY RETAINER -   Monthly Retainer Packages start from 4 hours, (payable in advance) and allow us to guarantee you a set amount of time each month to dedicate to your business. Time is tracked and recorded and we will let you know if you are getting close to your limit so you don't get any unexpected surprises. Any time recorded over and above the agreed amount will  be charged at £6.25 in increments of 15 minutes.  Hours can be increased as required in any given month (subject to our availability) 
All hours expire on the last day of each month.

   DIGITAL MINUTE - Audio Transcriptions are charged at £1.10 per Digital Minute for One to One,  £1.20 for 2-5 speakers and £1.50 for 6+ speakers. Prices are based on the quality of the audio files, turnaround time, number of speakers and the complexity of the dialogue. Background noise, difficult accents and excessive specialist terminology & abbreviations which will take longer to transcribe may incur an additional 20p per digital minute charge. 

Please advise whether you wish the format to be Verbatim (typing word for word) or Intelligent Verbatim (leaving out
the ums and ahs!).   Urgent turnaround times and work carried out at the weekend is possible, subject to availability, but will incur an extra charge.  Errors made by Jan Baber Virtual PA will be corrected free of charge. Amendments and additions made entirely by the client are charged at £25 per hour. 

.  PROJECT - Sometimes it is better to set a fixed price for a project whereby you pay one price regardless of how long it will take to complete the task. There is a minimum charge of one hour. On certain projects a 50% deposit may be requested before work commences.

.  PACKAGES -  Coming soon - watch this space!

EXPENSES (e.g. Printing, Stationery, Postage) will be invoiced separately in arrears.   
  MILEAGE will be charged at 45 p per mile.


 Please call 01454 527 750 to have an initial complimentary chat about what you are struggling with and how we can help you.